Image of Google Algorithm

Quick 2017 SEO Tips

(Updated 02/01/2017)

Google is rapidly moving to a mobile world.

During 2016, Google showed emphasis on mobile friendly factors. With modern enhancements of handheld gadgets, 2017 will prove that search engines are moving towards AMP pages. Google and other online specialists anticipate a future where answering questions would turn into a huge ranking factor. The websites that can provide the fastest, highest quality answer will ultimately always rank the top of search engine results.

Nonetheless, don’t think desktop and portable PCs are useless for SEO. In marketing your business, it’s imperative to have a presence on all gadgets and not overlook potential markets. Smartphones are increasingly present in our daily lives. But that does not mean leads cannot be generated the old fashioned way of desktop browsing.

But since Google is making considerable changes towards mobile friendliness, considering these factors.

  • Mobile site content and performance. Google is testing the speed factors on mobile to possibly outweigh the score of desktop speed.
  • New algorithm labeled as “Mobilegeddon” shows emphasis on AMP pages landing at the top of the SERPS.
  • This new Google update affects mobile content visibility ranking and affects mostly pop-ups, or interstitial – their technical term.
  • With most of us using pop-ups on our online stores, ‘Mobilegeddon’ may seem like a big deal, targeting mostly intrusive pop-ups that make it difficult for online shoppers and searchers to access the content that they expect to see when they reach a page.
  • Although this will only affect a subset of natural search performance, results in a lower ranking on Google’s Mobile search are likely to occur.
  • Voice friendly searches are growing drastically due to devices like Alexa from Amazon. Users are giving up the keyboards and getting lazy. Simply asking the Alexa a question will process the best-valued answer from search results.